In 1981 after a tryout with the New England Patriots which resulted in an injury, Frank Black longed to get back into contact sports and began his Martial Arts training under Tae Kwon Do Instructor Scott Burbach and American Tae Kwon Do instructor Ed Deitch achieving the rank of brown belt. It was in 1987 that he met and started training under future Isshinryu
Grandmaster Ed McGrath a first generation Student of the Legendary Don Nagle, the Father of American Isshinryu.
     Black went on to become one of Grand Master McGraths top students and was elevated to Hachi-Dan in 2006. He's trained several tournament champions and Black Belts, most notably Frank Montalbano, Lee Snyder, Jim Pase, Mike Costa and Doug McBride.
Black was inducted into Don Nagles AOKA Hall of Fame as a Master Instructor in 2000 and for Outstanding Loyalty in 2007. In 2014 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by Action Martial Arts Magazine and in 2015 he was awarded Black Belt Emeritus in Gary Alexander's International Association of Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He's currently a Trustee for American Isshinryu, Inc. Which is headed up by Grandmaster Ernie Temple. A.I. is the premier organization which preserves the legacy and the teachings of Don Nagle.